Current projects

* VAAR WEL: large music theatre production with KunstKlank; compositions by Bob Zimmerman a.o.
* 2022-2023: jubilee season Cappella pro Cantibus, featuring scratches, concerts and world premieres.

* 22 April: premiere of Psaume 122
Alleluia: new work for Graces & Voices
* New work for organist Ton van Eck

* 4 June: lecture on and performance of the choral works of Arvo Pärt, Oegstgeest
* 9 June: opening lecture of the Dutch Festival of Gregorian chant: lecture on the five medieval offices of St. John of Den Bosch
 * New article for Plainsong & Medieval Music, Cambridge 

Gregorian chant
* 9-10-11 June: Dutch Festival of Gregorian Chant, Den Bosch (artistic director)
* New publication on Dutch chant manuscripts through the ages
* Edition of the newly discovered Office of St. Jeroen of Noordwijk
* Transcription of the Office of St. Walburga for Walburga's Church, Zutphen 

* Guest lecturer at Utrecht University and its Library in research on the Utrecht Pontificale
* From 15 April onwards: Gregoriaanse Kring Amsterdam, monthly chant workshops