I studied Composition (BMus and MMus) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam; my teachers included Daan Manneke, Willem Jeths and Wim Henderickx, with minors in Electronics with Jorrit Tamminga, Orchestration and Arranging with Theo Verbey, and guest lessons with Tristan Murail. During studies, I also met Jonathan Harvey, whose music, ideas and personality have been highly inspirational to me.

I've composed for all types of instruments and ensembles, ranging from modern to Baroque orchestras, string quartet to choir, panpipes to carillon, classical to contemporary ensembles, and for amateur and professional players. Following performance practice, choral music holds an important place in my output.

The composition, performance and listening experience of my compositions have strong parallels to the monastic practice of lectio divina, an approach of deep contemplative reading. A particular musical idea is ruminated upon, while shedding new light on each of its reiterations. The process is usually one of gradual filtering towards a musical point vierge (in the wording of Thomas Merton). This could be given shape in a contemplation of a particular harmony, harmonic series, or the exchange of contrasting gestures - a performer once coined the term 'Spectralist-infused contemplation'.

In most of my vocal works some sort of 'filtering' is also present in the texts of choice: be it the seven Last Words from the Cross, the Canticle of Simeon, evening prayers from John Henry Newman, Henry Francis Lyte or Nicholas of Fluë, or the abundant imagery of Blaise Pascal, the Song of Songs or Frisian texts. The influence of the Dutch seaside - being born and raised beside the North Sea - cannot be denied either.

A recurrent theme in my works - in the line of the aforementioned contemplation - is that of commemoration. I have frequently composed commemorative works for voices, instruments or electronics, for occassions such as Dutch Memorial Day, or the 25th commemoration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

From December 2021 onwards, my works will be published by Donemus Publishing.


As an introduction to my work, have a listen to Recite, composed for Ensemble 10/10 in Liverpool; the recording was made at its performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2013. Other links to recordings can be found in the list below.


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Motetten (2009)

for ensemble

written for the Prometheus Ensemble (BE)

fp: 12-05-09, by Prometheus Ensemble, cond. Bart Bouckaerts; deSingel, Antwerp


Chorus (2010)

for piano

fp: 06-05-2010 by Tobias Borsboom; Sweelinckzaal, Conservatory of Amsterdam


Passaggio (2010); Ommaggio a Sweelinck  | recording 

for saxophone quartet

written at the request of and dedicated to the Berlage Saxophone Quartet; 

fp: 19-06-2011 by Boreas Saxophone Quartet, cond. RT; Haitinkzaal, Conservatory of Amsterdam


Rituale (2011)  | recording

for ensemble

witten for and dedicated to the Nieuw Ensemble, 

homage to the voices of Pino de Vittorio, Lucilla Galeazzi and Marco Beasley

fp: 01-06-2011 by the Nieuw Ensemble, cond. Lucas Vis; Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


Seascapes (2011 rev. 2012) | recording

for viola and electronics

written in collaboration with Ji Youn Kang, Tape Interlude by Ji Youn Kang

written for Katya Woloshyn, dedicated to Liesbeth Seegers

fp: 23-06-2011 by Katya Woloshyn (viola), Ji Youn Kang,  Kassen Oud (electronics); Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

fp rev. version: 19-02-2012 by Katya Woloshyn (viola) , Ji Youn Kang (electronics); Oude Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk


North (2011) | recording

for cello solo

written at the request of and dedicated to Wilma Pistorius

fp: 09-02-2012, by Wilma Pistorius; Blue Note hall, Conservatory of Amsterdam

Facing Night (2012) | recording

for ensemble

written for the ASKO|Schönberg ensemble

fp: 20-04-2012, by ASKO|Schönberg ensemble, cond. Bas Wiegers; Centre for World Music and Dance, Rotterdam


Lessons (2012) | recording

for cello solo

fp: 17-05-2013, by Wilma Pistorius; Bernard Haitink Hall, Conservatory of Amsterdam.


Recite (2012) | recording

for ensemble

written for Ensemble 10/10

fp: 14-11-2012, by Ensemble 10/10, cond. Clark Rundell; The Cornerstone, Liverpool


At First Silence (2013)

for double bass solo and ensemble

written at the request of Marcel Becker and dedicated to Marcel Becker, Ensemble 10/10 and its conductor Clark Rundell


Last Words (2014)

for string quartet

to Richard Steenvoorde OP, Joachim Oude Vrielink OFM and Daniel Emmenegger OSB


Compline (2016)

for piano


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Gearslach (2010)

for pan pipes and organ

written at the request of and dedicated to Henske van der Weerd

fp: 23-03-11, by Henske van der Weerd, panpipes and Michal Bialko, organ; Verschueren-organ of the Orgelpark Amsterdam

Gearslach (arr. 2010)

for trumpet and organ

arranged at the request of Kirstin Gramlich

fp: Gaudeamus Music Week 2011, by Kirstin Gramlich, organ and Christoph Barth, trumpet; Orgelpark Amsterdam


Alba (2011)

fp: ?-2011, by RT, organ; St. Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk


Alba (2011 arr. 2011/2012) | recording

version for harp and organ

fp: 07-06-2012, by Andrea Voets, harp and Jaap Zwart, organ; Orgelpark Amsterdam


Clearing (Portrait, Still life and Landscape) (2012)

for 2 organs

fp: 18-05-2013, by Mira Cieślak and RT, organs; Orgelpark Amsterdam


Cortèges (2014-2015) | recording of X

I; II (‘Alleluia’); III (‘Agnus Dei’); IV (IIb); V (‘Quies’); VI; VII; VIIIa; VIIIb; IX (‘In manus tuas’); X (‘Terribilis est locus iste’); XI (‘Nocturne’); XII (‘Nunc dimittis’)

for Theo Visser

Fast falls the eventide, two movements for organ (2021)


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Weromkommer yn it ûnlân (2007/08)

for soprano solo 

t: Abe de Vries 

written at the request of and dedicated to Francine Vis 

fp: 08-05-08, by Martha Bosch; Sweelinckzaal  (Conservatory of Amsterdam) 


Canticle of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis) (2008) | recording

for 2 soprano's and alto or six-part women’s ensemble a cappella 

dedicated to Ella Rombouts 

fp: 02-11-08, by Ensemble Vocale Amsterdam, cond. Hannah Rijken; Oude Kerk, Amsterdam 


Canticle of Mary (Magnificat) (2008) 

for six-part women's ensemble a cappella 

written at the request of Ensemble Vocale Amsterdam 

dedicated to Daan Manneke 

fp: 02-11-08, by Ensemble Vocale Amsterdam, cond. Hannah Rijken; Oude Kerk, Amsterdam 


Ave Maria (2008) 

for SATB choir a cappella 

dedicated to the Maria ter Zee choir, Noordwijk 

fp: 25-12-08, by Maria ter Zee-koor, cond. RT; Maria ter Zee Kerk, Noordwijk 


Ave Maria (arr. 2011) 

for women’s choir SSA a cappella 

arranged at the request of Herma van Piekeren 

fp: 22-12-2011, by Kleijnkoor Noordwijk, cond. RT; Oude Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk 


Mémorial (2013) 

for soprano and organ 

t: Blaise Pascal 

dedicated to Stefan Klöckner 


O Rex Gentium (2013) 

for chorus SATB (with divisi) a cappella 

dedicated to Cappella pro Cantibus 

fp: 08-12-2013, by Cappella pro Cantibus, cond. RT; Groene Kerkje, Oegstgeest 


All through the night (2013) 

a carol (for unspecified chorus) 

commissioned by Kleijnkoor Noordwijk for their annual Carol concert 

fp: by Kleijnkoor Noordwijk, cond. Herma van Piekeren; Old Jeroen's church, Noordwijk 


The Preces and Responses ('St Nicholas') (2015) 

for St Nicholas' Basilica, Amsterdam 


Missa Brevis a 3 (2017) (Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus)

for SMsA/TBarB a cappella 

in memoriam Jan Valkestijn 

fp: 24-09-2017, by Cappella Puellarum, cond. Sanne Nieuwenhuijsen; Cathedral Basilica of St Bavo, Haarlem (fp RT: 14-01-2018) 


Prayer of John Henry Newman (2017 rev. 2018) 

for chorus SATB (with divisi) and organ 

fp: ?-10-2018, by Cathedral Choir St Bavo, cond. RT, organ Ton van Eck; Cathedral Basilica of St Bavo, Haarlem 


Missa Brevis a 4 (Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus) (2019) 

for chorus SATB with organ ad lib. 

dedicated to the Antwerp Cathedral Choir and its conductor Sebastiaan van Steenberge 


They shall grow not old (2019) 

for three-part chorus (or six-part doubling) a cappella
written for the 4th of May Memorial concert, Noordwijk 2020 


The desert’s blossoming (2019) 

for chorus SATB (with divisi) a cappella 


Ubi caritas / Ecce quam bonum (2019) 

for schola (chant group), tenor instrument and organ / arr. for schola and organ alone

commissioned by and dedicated to the Schola Cantorum Oegstgeest for their 80th jubilee 

fp: 20-09-2020, by Schola Cantorum Oegstgeest, cond. Franz Straatman, St Willibrord church, Oegstgeest 


Abide with me (2020)

for chorus SATB a cappella 


Prayer of Nicholas of Flüe (2020) 

for chorus SATB a cappella 

dedicated to the brothers of Einsiedeln Abbey, Switserland 


Set me as a seal upon thine heart (2020) 

for quartet (SSAA, TTBB or eight-part doubling SSAATTBB) a cappella 

for vocal quartet ‘Sorelle’ 


COMPLINE (2020) 

Psalm 4 

for chorus SATB a cappella 

Psalm 91 

for chorus ST ABarB a cappella 

Psalm 134 

for chorus SMsATB a cappella 

Hymn: Before the ending of the day (Te lucis ante terminum) 

for double chorus SATB a cappella 

Responsory: Into your hands, O Lord 

for chorus SATB a cappella 

Canticle of Simeon 

for chorus SMsATBarB a cappella 

The Lord’s Prayer 

for chorus SMsATBarB a cappella

And every stone shall cry (2020)
a carol for unaccompanied choir

Portico of Glory (Santiago Te Deum) (2020)
for chorus SMsATBarB and organ
for Santiago Cathedral, 'in honorem Sancti Iacobi, Matthaei magistri recordatus'

Prayer of John Henry Newman (2018 arr. 2021) 

for chorus SATBarB (with divisi) a cappella

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (2021)
for chorus SATB and organ
for the Cappella Nicolai - St. Nicholas' Basilica, Amsterdam; in memory of Michael Hedley

If ye love me (2021)

for chorus SATB a cappella 


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Still (2014) | recording

commissioned by KunstKlank Foundation for their 4th of May Memorial concerts

fp: 03-05-2014, Oude Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk (installation by Ji Youn Kang)


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Diptych for carillon (2007 rev. 2011) | recording

I. Lamento; II. Toccata.

Awarded with the Award for Composer under 30, International Composition Contest Rhenen (NL)

fp: 24-05-08, by Roy Kroezen; carillon of St Cunera's tower, Rhenen


Da pacem, Domine (2020)

I. Passacaglia; II. Fuga

written for the "Beiaard-Estafette 75 jaar Bevrijding" 2020

fp: 09-05-2020, by Gerda Peters; carillon of Oude Kerk, Voorburg


Airborne (Variations on a theme by Britten) (2020)

for Bob van der Linde


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Openingsmuziek voor een toren (Opening Music for a Tower) (2009)

for SSAA choir and optional church bells

written for the opening festivities of the tower of the Old St. Jeroen Church, Noordwijk

t: RT; fp: 16-05-09, by Kleijnkoor Noordwijk, cond. Herma van Piekeren; Tower of St. Jeroen Church, Noordwijk


Marco Polo Project: location opera for 'The Little Thai Prince' restaurant (2008)

for 2 mezzo soprano's (and background music)

t: J.J. Slauerhoff, R. Tienstra, Ján Barta, Judith v.d. Dool, Floor v.d. Sluis; fp: 16- en 23-11-08, by Judith v.d. Dool and Floor v.d. Sluis; 'The Little Thai Prince' restaurant


In ripieno (2009)

for SATB soloists and tape

written for the 20 year Jubilee celebrations of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

t: Paul Wolters / RT; fp: 4- and 8-11-2009, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, by Kirila Kraal, Ella Rombouts, Oliver Rault and Rick Zwart / pre-performances by Amsterdams Studenten Koor and Utrechtse Studenten Cantorij, cond. Fokko Oldenhuis


Debussy – La sérénade interrompue | recording

Orchestration for the Nieuw Ensemble

fp: 08-04-2011 by Nieuw Ensemble, cond. Bas Wiegers; Concertgebouw, Amsterdam


St Martin’s Mass (2012)

(Mass ordinarium according to the rite of the Old Catholic Church, for single voice and organ)

commissioned by the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands

fp: 21-04-2013, by Choir and congregation of the Old Catholic St Gertrude Cathedral; Old Catholic St Gertrude Cathedral, Utrecht


St Martin’s Mass (arr. 2013)

(Mass ordinarium according to the rite of the Roman Catholic Church, for single voice and organ; arr. for SATB choir and organ: 2014)

arranged at the request of RC St Willibrd's church, Oegstgeest


Kinderen van de Zaan (2013) | recording

children's opera in 4 parts: songs by Aga de Wit and Herma van Piekeren; arrangements, orchestration, soundscapes by RT.  fp: 04-2013; Zaans Museum, Zaandam


Oorlog (2016)

arrangement for chamber orchestra of the song by the same name by Harry Bannink, commissioned by KunstKlank Foundation for their 2016 4th of May memorial concert

fp: 01-05-2016, Lotte Pierik, NASKA, cond. Herma van Piekeren, Oude Jeroenskerk, Noordwijk

I Love Xmas (2017)
arrangements of 21 Christmas songs for full symphonic orchestra
21-12-2017, by Heemsteeds Philharmonisch Orkest, cond. Dick Verhoef, Theatergroep Eglentier, Philharmonie, Haarlem 

Help, mijn stem is weg! (2017) | recording

a mini-opera for young children, after an idea by Aga de Wit and Herma van Piekeren; arrangements and soudscapes by RT. fp: 08-02-2018, at the Cultuurcafé (Van der Meer Bookshop), Noordwijk

Ao Longe o Mar (Madredeus) (arr. 2017)

arranged for baritone soloist and string orchestra

fp: 14-07-2017, by Henk Neeven, KunstKlank project orchestra; KunstKlank Theatre, Noordwijk


Psalm 22 (chant, Dutch) (2018)

fp: 25-03-2018 (Palm Sunday), by Bavo-cantorij, cond. Sanne Nieuwenhuijsen, organ Ton van Eck; Cathedral Basilica of St Bavo, Haarlem


Psalm 42 (chant, Dutch) (2019)

fp: 20-04-2019 (Easter Vigil), by Cathedral Choir St Bavo, cond. RT, organ Ton van Eck; Cathedral Basilica of St Bavo, Haarlem

Miserere mei, Deus (2021)
chant setting of Psalm 50/51 (Latin) for chorus or quartet SATB
fp:  02-04-2021 (Holy Friday), by St. Bavo Cathedral Choir quartet, cond. Sanne Nieuwenhuijsen; Cathedral Basilica of St Bavo, Haarlem


Doubt (M. Glinka) (arr. 2019)

arrangement for baritone and cello soloists and string orchestra

fp: 03-2019, by Henk Neeven, KunstKlank project orchestra; former chapel of the ‘Sancta Maria’ estate, Noordwijkerhout


Winterreise (F. Schubert) (2019)

arrangements of 12 songs from Schubert’s Winterreise for choir, soloists, violin, horn, cello and accordeon

fp: 06-03-2020, by KunstKlank Foundation project ensemble, Winterreis location theatre in Buijze Pers, Noordwijk | teaser